Spring is in the air, and as is traditional most people will soon be undertaking a “Spring Clean”. While you’re busy cleaning out your cupboards and emptying that drawer full of used batteries, it would be worth considering taking stock of your IT, and having a clean of your tech closet.

A slow, over loaded machine can be a source of endless frustration, and while it’s easy to focus on the big issues such as broadband speeds and updating hardware, sometimes following a simple cleaning regime can have surprising impacts on performance. Take a look at these tips for keeping your machine clear and quick:

  1. Ensure your virus software is up to date, and perform a full system scan.
  2. Clear out your hard drive. It’s all too easy to build up temporary files which will clog up your hard drive and slow down overall performance.
  3. Delete cache. A simple, but effective task
  4. Remove programmes you no longer have use for. Uninstalling unwanted software will reduce the strain on your machine.

Done regularly, these steps can help keep your computer running smoother, for longer.