YesAvailable at Residential or Business properties
YesPSTN lines support ADSL and FTTC broadband (dependant on local BT exchange)
YesTransfer your line within 10 working days without disruption
YesNew line lead times vary from 3 days to 20 days depending on available slots
YesAvailable across the UK


UK Phone & Email Support

Using the latest WLR3 platform from Openreach ensures we have powerful diagnostic tools, allowing for quick diagnosis of potential faults and the ability to pick and schedule BT appointments whilst you are on the call to us.

Broadband Support

A single PSTN Line can support ADSL broadband or FTTC broadband depending on local BT exchange and roadside cabinet of which ourselves could verify. You are not committed to purchasing broadband through ourselves, but we would of course like to supply you both solutions.  The obvious benefit to GConnect providing both is a single port of call for any faults or query’s.  If you are arranging a new PSTN installation we are able to supply broadband on a simultaneous basis ensuring that once the line is live so too is your broadband connectivity.


Like-For-Like Transfer

When you are wishing to move an existing PSTN Line with another provider to GConnect, we would place a like-for-like transfer. This will ensure that, what currently exists with your current provider will remain the same and have no disruption during the transfer process.  When you move the line, any existing broadband remains functional and continues to operate with the existing ISP.

New Installation

If a new PSTN Line is required, we can arrange this into your home or business property. Just provide details of where you require it to be installed and any restrictions BT engineers would need to be made aware of, and these will be passed to the assigned engineer. Full details of the appointment slot for the installation are supplied in advance and can be changed if they’re not suitable.

Change of Address

A change of address order would be required if you wish to retain your phone number as part of a move. There are some restrictions regarding number retention which can complicate matters, but our staff are trained to check and can advise on alternative arrangements if necessary.


Next Steps

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