Gconnect has many years’ experience in deploying MPLS VPN products. We deliver what our customers want – secure, reliable and reasonably priced offerings. The MPLS VPN (or PWAN) allows us to deploy any of our connectivity options to individual customers or multiple sites on a single private network. The security and infrastructure of the PWAN is transparent to the customer; all that is visible from the client site is a firewall or customer hosted application server.

MPLS Deployment and Options

In order to provision MPLS/PWAN services, Gconnect runs MPLS across the core of its network and can use connections from multiple POP/hosting sites to offer true redundancy, both for connectivity and hosting. Customers can host servers in our data centres to provide central services such as DNS, Email, Active Directory and even file storage. Gconnect manages and hosts a Cisco ASA firewall for each MPLS VPN or PWAN deployment. This firewall provides a single point of exit to the Internet, which simplifies the customer’s security policies. We are also able to manage, host and rent other network devices such as VPN concentrators, Web/Content Filters and Mail Scanners.


Next Steps

Designing and implementing an MPLS VPN/PWAN system takes time and requires a high level of planning. If you would like to deploy an MPLS VPN/PWAN solution call our sales team and we can talk through your requirements.

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