FTTC is a method of delivering very high speed broadband to businesses by shortening the distance the connection travels on the copper line. This is achieved by installing ‘street DSLAMs’ which act like a mini exchange close to the business or home. The connection between these Street DSLAMs and the telephone exchange is fibre (hence Fibre to the Cabinet). The remainder of the distance between the street DSLAM and the customer premises is copper, but the copper distance is short enough to use VDSL (Very-high-bitrate digital subscriber line) technology which has a maximum theoretical upload speed of 19Mbps and a download speed of 80Mbps.

Will the old ADSL router work with FTTC?

When the FTTC product is installed, the BT engineer will visit the premises to install a VDSL modem into which the user needs to plug an Ethernet router capable of PPPoE. Our tests indicate that Draytek routers with dual WAN capability work well such as the 2820. We have also tested Cisco routers with dual Ethernet ports successfully. When selecting a new router for a brand new installation (rather than upgrading and existing DSL line), it is not necessary to use an ADSL router or a router with VDSL capabilities, a standard Ethernet router will suffice.


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