Annex M ADSL gives a maximum upload speed of 2.5 Mbps, meaning that access to hosted applications and cloud computing becomes a realistic proposition.

While the download speed of ADSL Annex M is sacrificed slightly compared to the equivalent Annex A (normal ADSL), the benefits of the higher upload speeds are huge. The fastest possible download speed of Annex M is 20 Mbps which is only just shy of the 24Mbps achievable by Annex A.

Gconnect can deliver Annex M products over BT’s 21st Century Network (21CN) or over TalkTalk’s network giving redundant options for customers with more mission critical requirements. Annex M products can also be incorporated into our MPLS-VPN (PWAN) solutions, both as single connections or as part of redundant bundles.

Benefits 0f Annex M ADSL

The benefits of improving upload speed are numerous, here are few of the more common ones:
TickImproved real time applications such as VOIP
TickIncrease capacity for Citrix / Remote Desktop users
TickBetter performance for remote access workers
TickVPN speed enhanced between sites
TickBetter access to servers hosted on client sites


ProductMax Upload
Max Download
ADSL 2+ Annex MUp to 2.5MbpsUp to 20MbpssmallchecksmallcheckFrom £73.00


Not all DSL routers are Annex M compatible, however Gconnect have tested and can provide pre-configured the following routers:

  • Cisco 877M
  • Cisco 1841 with Annex M HWIC
  • Vigor 2820



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