Business ADSL broadband is a high speed always on technology that provides connectivity to the Internet at a fixed monthly price. Download speeds range from 512 kbps to 24 Mbps, depending on the type of package. Whatever industry you’re in, Gconnect can deliver a business ADSL solution that suits your requirements.

ProductMax UploadMax DownloadBTLLUPrice
ADSL 2+ Annex MUp to 2.5 MbpsUp to 20MbpssmallcheckFrom £73.00
ADSL 2+ PremiumUp to 1MbpsUp to 24MbpssmallchecksmallcheckFrom £40.00
ADSL 2+ StandardUp to 442kbpsUp to 24MbpssmallchecksmallcheckFrom £21.52
ADSL Max PremiumUp to 832kbpsUp to 8MbpssmallchecksmallcheckFrom £79.00
ADSL Max StandardUp to 442kbpsUp to 8MbpssmallchecksmallcheckFrom £32.00

Our sales team is ready to help you choose the right package for your business.

Annex M

Annex M enhances the upload speed to 2.5Mbps and 24Mbps download under ideal conditions. Users need a special router often denoted with an ‘M’ in the model number. As with all ADSL products the speed is dependant on the distance from the exchange and the quality of the line.


BT ADSL 2+ is capable of download speeds of up to 24Mbps for customers living close to the exchange. Almost three quarters of customers are able to obtain 16Mbps. Upload speeds depend of whether customers choose the ‘ADSL2+ Business’ offering or the ‘ADSL2+ Home’ product. ADSL2+ is also available from our LLU providers (see below).


Download speeds vary, but can be up to 8Mbps if your site is near to the exchange. Like the maximum download speed, the upload speed is dependant on distance from the exchange and the quality of the line. These products are delivered over BT’s ATM network (IP Stream). ADSL Max can also be purchased from our LLU providers (see below).


BT are not the only provider of broadband services to ISP’s. LLU (Local Loop Unbundled) providers take ownership of the line, sometimes data services only, and sometimes phone and data services. Using their own back haul and core networks they can deliver the ADSL products to Gconnect and allow us to terminate them into our own network. This means that we can provide ADSL2+ and ADSL Max products at a more competitive rate and in the case of ADSL2+, to locations that BT’s 21CN is not deployed to currently.

Enhanced Care

ADSL users that require high levels of uptime should consider using BT’s Enhanced Care service. Enhanced Care gives the customer a guaranteed initial response time (4 hours) with BT committing to clearing the fault within 20 hours of it being reported. Out of hours engineering visits may be arranged during this period. It also allows faults to be reported during evenings and weekends. In order to use Enhanced Care, customers should also sign up to BT’s Total Care to get a similar response to PSTN faults.


Next Steps

Use the ‘ADSL Availability Checker’ on our site to see what speeds or services you can obtain at your location, or call our sales team on the number at the top of the page. Our team is always happy to help you choose the right product for your business.

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